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Bandung, Indonesia

Technology Crafter, Versatile Developer, Diligent, Skilled, Happy
Technology Crafter, Versatile Developer, Diligent, Skilled, Happy
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Tech Improvement

The development of technology is very fast, while the adaptation of the Indonesian market to the application of technology is very slow.


We see this gap as an excellent opportunity. So we decided to act as technological adaptation accelerators for business actors, especially small and medium micro business to increase the value of these business actors.

Helping businesses get ahead. And stay ahead.

Our business units will support and accelerate their business through cutting-edge applications that can help business.


The absence of our business units in various fields always gives a unique color to the way we see a problem.


Our interesting hight technology also allows us to create effective, efficient, and fun solutions.

Provide the Services

- Website Applications

- Mobile Applications

- Augmented Reality

- Virtual Reality

- Video Games

- Internet Of Things

- Enterprise Resources Planning

- Digital Audits

Technology crafter
Dengan Senang Hati is a fast growing team based in Bandung, Indonesia, with people who are passionate about seeing an innovative solutions, product or service come to life which will ensure their success and strategy needed.

We provides a comprehensive range of professional services in the fields of communication, innovation, application and technology development.

We believe that the appropriate communication and application of technology will accelerate the progress of Indonesia's development invarious sectors, and particularly, in strategic sector.

We ensure our best services in terms of effectively communicating your message to your audience with better experiences through web, mobile application and all-around digital creative service.

Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI) memberikan penghargaan pada tim pesawat tanpa awak (unnamed aerial vehicle/UAV) Ai-X1 atau yang disebut Ekspedisi Menembus Langit, Jumat (28/10). Pesawat Ai-X1 atau yang disebut Ekspedisi Menembus Langit berhasil diterbangkan pada Jumat (28/10) sekitar pukul 06.00 WIB. Penerbangan pesawat buatan anak dalam negeri itu diluncurkan di Balai Uji Teknologi dan Pengamatan Antariksa dan Atmosfer Lapan, Pameungpeuk, Garut, Jawa Barat.

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